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Board Elections Next Month

Are you interested in helping improve your neighborhood? Do you have a specific cause that you care about, and you think it’s something the neighborhood should help with? Or do you just think it’s about time somebody else replaced that guy who always sits at the front of the room during meetings?

Now is your chance! Neighborhood elections are next month, and we think you’d make a great candidate. All positions are up for election.

To be eligible, you must be 18 and either live within our boundaries or own property within our boundaries. You must also be a dues paying member. Our dues are a steal at $10 for an individual or $15 for a family. You can even pay at the election meeting and be eligible to run.

Here are the board roles you can run for:

  • President – Manage & lead meetings, invite speakers, and be public face of association.
  • Vice President – Manage & lead meetings, invite speakers, and be public face of association. (backup to President)
  • Director of Administration – Responsible for checking postal mail, newsletter production and distribution, and recording official meeting minutes.
  • Director of Finance / Treasurer -  Responsible for bank account, accepting & making payments, and ensuring association budget is adhered to.
  • Director of Resident Engagement – Manage association membership list, work meeting door, respond to neighbor inquiries, and plan events.
  • Director of Safety – Lead NOM and neighborhood watch efforts, monitor crime reports, and be POC for SLMPD and City safety agencies.
  • Director of Business Engagement – Be POC for and manage relationship with local businesses and City permitting agencies, monitor business activity, and coordinate permit responses.
  • Director of Community Relations – Manage neighborhood website, email, and social accounts. Be POC for and manage relationship with nearby schools and neighborhoods.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ward Committees

On August 2 we’ll all go to the polls for a primary election in St. Louis. Well, most of us will, hopefully. Among the positions being voted for are the Committeeman and Committeewoman positions for the 10th and 23rd wards. So what is a committeeman or committeewoman?

The short answer is, I don’t really know. There isn’t a lot of information online about the position. As best I can tell the role is based on the party in power; and the responsibility is to work towards supporting the platform and candidates of that party. The St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee does not appear to have a website or FB page from which to find more info. It appears to be a fairly secretive organization, though I could certainly just not be looking in the right place for this info.

I was able to find the list of candidates from this Board of Election Commissioners sample ballot. Here they are:

Ward 10 Committeeman

Bio: Rob was previously a candidate for 80th District State Rep. He is an Attorney and proprietor of Amsterdam Tavern.
Website or FB: Not found.

Bio: Max is the son of late STL artist Bob Cassilly. He is the proprietor of two businesses within the City Museum, Beatnik Bob’s and the Rooftop Cafe.
Website or FB: https://mrcassilly10thward.org/

Ward 10 Committeewoman

Bio: Incumbent 10th ward committeewoman. Wife of former sheriff candidate Kevin “Cap” Klupe.
Website or FB:  None found.

Bio: No info found.
Website or FB: https://www.facebook.com/Laura-B-Hladky-for-10th-Ward-Committeewoman-1764895240407765/

Ward 23 Committeeman

Bio: Son of Recorder of Deeds Sharon Quigley Carpenter.
Website or FB: None found.
(Running unopposed)

Ward 23 Committeewoman

Bio: Possibly an employee of Collector of Revenue’s office.
Website or FB: None found.
(Running unopposed)

**The above info was as much as I could find online. If you have any corrections or additional info to provide I’m happy to accomodate. Get in touch via our Contact Us page.**

Edit: The election is over. For Ward 10, Klupe won committeewoman (686 to 545), and Stelzer won committeeman (671 to 591). For Ward 23, Brown and Carpenter both won unopposed. Still have no idea what the positions actually do.