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Join the NOHA NOM

There have been lots of social media posts recently about crime in our neighborhood. I’m not sure if we’re seeing a spike in actual crime, or if the crime reporting tools are getting better so we’re all just becoming better informed, but in any case there is something you can do about it.

North Hampton* participates in the Circuit Attorney’s Neighborhood Ownership Model (NOM) program. At least on paper, we do. In reality we struggle to find committed volunteers – especially those that would be willing to take on any leadership or organizational roles. We have a police officer assigned to our neighborhood who tracks crime for us, and is a resource we can reach to if we have concerns. We are at risk of losing him as a resource because the participation in the NOHA NOM has been so low.

The NOM is a program that at a minimum, tracks court cases for crimes in our neighborhood and lets us write an “impact statement” that is used with bail hearings or sentencing. It can be much more than that, though. We can make it into whatever we need it to be – but we have to have volunteers to get there.

You can sign up here to get on the email list, and take on a role that needs to be filled. We need your help.

*North Hampton is the Tilles Park and Kingshighway Hills neighborhoods. We’re in this together.

Ward Committees

On August 2 we’ll all go to the polls for a primary election in St. Louis. Well, most of us will, hopefully. Among the positions being voted for are the Committeeman and Committeewoman positions for the 10th and 23rd wards. So what is a committeeman or committeewoman?

The short answer is, I don’t really know. There isn’t a lot of information online about the position. As best I can tell the role is based on the party in power; and the responsibility is to work towards supporting the platform and candidates of that party. The St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee does not appear to have a website or FB page from which to find more info. It appears to be a fairly secretive organization, though I could certainly just not be looking in the right place for this info.

I was able to find the list of candidates from this Board of Election Commissioners sample ballot. Here they are:

Ward 10 Committeeman

Bio: Rob was previously a candidate for 80th District State Rep. He is an Attorney and proprietor of Amsterdam Tavern.
Website or FB: Not found.

Bio: Max is the son of late STL artist Bob Cassilly. He is the proprietor of two businesses within the City Museum, Beatnik Bob’s and the Rooftop Cafe.
Website or FB:

Ward 10 Committeewoman

Bio: Incumbent 10th ward committeewoman. Wife of former sheriff candidate Kevin “Cap” Klupe.
Website or FB:  None found.

Bio: No info found.
Website or FB:

Ward 23 Committeeman

Bio: Son of Recorder of Deeds Sharon Quigley Carpenter.
Website or FB: None found.
(Running unopposed)

Ward 23 Committeewoman

Bio: Possibly an employee of Collector of Revenue’s office.
Website or FB: None found.
(Running unopposed)

**The above info was as much as I could find online. If you have any corrections or additional info to provide I’m happy to accomodate. Get in touch via our Contact Us page.**

Edit: The election is over. For Ward 10, Klupe won committeewoman (686 to 545), and Stelzer won committeeman (671 to 591). For Ward 23, Brown and Carpenter both won unopposed. Still have no idea what the positions actually do.

Goodbye Casey


Casey Croy passed away on Saturday, January 26th. She was a good friend and neighbor to all of us, KHNA board member, and long-time resident of Kingshighway Hills. You would be hard pressed to find a better ambassador for our neighborhood, or more tireless advocate for the city and its residents. She will be missed.

A memorial service will be held this coming Saturday 2/2, 3pm at Mount Tabor United Church of Christ.

Meeting Tonight 5/17 – Elections!

Don’t forget to attend our KHNA General meeting tonight, 7p at the Kennard CJA. It’s your chance to talk to your Alderman, Police, and Neighbors, and just generally find out what’s happening in Kingshighway Hills.

Tonight is Board Election night! Please come by to participate; we need both nominees and voters. Somebody should also probably run against that Brendan guy running for President… who knows what will happen if you let him be in charge.

Want to help? Join the board!

Our President, Don Osiek, announced in our Executive Board meeting last week that he would not be running for re-election in May. Vice-President Toni Diani also notified the Board that she too could not continue as VP, and Board members Loyce Voigt and Tim Watt let us know they would no longer be serving on the board after this current term. On behalf of the remaining Board and association members, I want to thank all four of them for the time they spent helping us organize and improve our neighborhood. Their contributions will be sorely missed.

That means we have at least three openings to fill. Can you help?

Board members typically serve 2 year terms, but that can be flexible, and the Board meets four times per year. You don’t have to be a current regular attendee at our general meetings, or even registered as an official KHNA member. If you have an interest in helping your community, then we can get you signed up for the association the night of nominations or elections.

Nominations are April 19, 7p at the Kennard School.
Elections are May 17, 7p at the Kennard School.

Tell your friends!

UPDATE: At the 4/19 meeting we did have 2 nominations, but we really need 1 or 2 more. Nominations will be re-opened again at the 5/17 meeting.

La Tropicana Market

Have you been to La Tropicana Market lately?

La Tropicana Storefront

Located at the corner of Hereford and Lindenwood, La Tropicana is one of South City’s best kept secrets. Originally just a market, the Trabanco family took over in 1975, expanded the space and added a restaurant. They’ve been keeping the locals well fed with Cuban and Mexican food ever since. The market side is still around, too, so you can drop in just to pick up a sixer of Tecate, a Jarritos soda, or some of their own La Tropicana spices.

My personal favorite is their empanadas, but the Cuban sandwich is what they’re really known for. And besides being delicious, when you eat at La Tropicana you support a business that’s been supporting our community for 37 years!

Click here to see the rest of our La Tropicana photo album, or go to for hours and direction info.

Groth Guide to North Hampton

Mark Groth has a great set of guides documenting nearly every neighborhood in St. Louis City. His North Hampton guide has some history of our neighborhood, and some really good pictures too.

Check the North Hampton guide out here:

You can find Mark’s other guides here. They’re all worth checking out.

Meeting Schedule Announced

Our meeting schedule for the 2011/12 year has been set. As usual, we get together at 7pm on the third Thursday of the month, and the December meeting will be replaced by the Christmas party.

2011 Dates
12/15 (Christmas Party)

2012 Dates

Meetings will be held at the Kennard Classical Junior Academy on Potomoc, to whom we are always grateful for the use of their space.

Rental Properties

Looking for a property to rent in Kingshighway Hills? Or looking for a renter?

I drove around the neighborhood and took pictures of the rental properties in our neighborhood. They’re listed here:

As of today these units are still available, but you should call the landlords or drive past to confirm. Email admin at if you are a landlord and you’d like to have a listing added/removed/updated.

10/9/2011 Update: Contact the fine folks at Garcia Properties if you’re looking to rent in KH. They have quite a few rentals in our neighborhood, and can help you when you’re ready to buy too.

10/20/2011 Update: Flickr, our photo sharing site, has asked us to remove the rental links since that’s commercial use and they don’t want items for sale on their site. So we’ve deleted the original photos. Call Garcia Properties if you are looking for a rental!