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Ward Committees

On August 2 we’ll all go to the polls for a primary election in St. Louis. Well, most of us will, hopefully. Among the positions being voted for are the Committeeman and Committeewoman positions for the 10th and 23rd wards. So what is a committeeman or committeewoman?

The short answer is, I don’t really know. There isn’t a lot of information online about the position. As best I can tell the role is based on the party in power; and the responsibility is to work towards supporting the platform and candidates of that party. The St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee does not appear to have a website or FB page from which to find more info. It appears to be a fairly secretive organization, though I could certainly just not be looking in the right place for this info.

I was able to find the list of candidates from this Board of Election Commissioners sample ballot. Here they are:

Ward 10 Committeeman

Bio: Rob was previously a candidate for 80th District State Rep. He is an Attorney and proprietor of Amsterdam Tavern.
Website or FB: Not found.

Bio: Max is the son of late STL artist Bob Cassilly. He is the proprietor of two businesses within the City Museum, Beatnik Bob’s and the Rooftop Cafe.
Website or FB:

Ward 10 Committeewoman

Bio: Incumbent 10th ward committeewoman. Wife of former sheriff candidate Kevin “Cap” Klupe.
Website or FB:  None found.

Bio: No info found.
Website or FB:

Ward 23 Committeeman

Bio: Son of Recorder of Deeds Sharon Quigley Carpenter.
Website or FB: None found.
(Running unopposed)

Ward 23 Committeewoman

Bio: Possibly an employee of Collector of Revenue’s office.
Website or FB: None found.
(Running unopposed)

**The above info was as much as I could find online. If you have any corrections or additional info to provide I’m happy to accomodate. Get in touch via our Contact Us page.**

Edit: The election is over. For Ward 10, Klupe won committeewoman (686 to 545), and Stelzer won committeeman (671 to 591). For Ward 23, Brown and Carpenter both won unopposed. Still have no idea what the positions actually do.

Neighborhood Ownership Model


The Kingshighway Hills Neighborhood Association is joining forces with Tilles Park Neighborhood Association to participate in the Circuit Attorney’s Neighborhood Ownership Model Program.

What is the Neighborhood Ownership Model?
The NOM is a program from the Circuit Attorney’s office that seeks to increase the level of active ownership that citizens take in their own neighborhoods. Criminals often target neighborhoods where they know that the crimes will be ignored, or the neighborhood is less likely to fight back. With tools from the NOM program, neighborhoods have more information on the crime that affects them, and also a voice in process when criminals are prosecuted. You can visit the CAO site to learn more about the NOM program.

Why did we choose to partner with TPNA?
The City of St. Louis does not recognize Kingshighway Hills or Tilles Park as separate neighborhoods. Officially, we are recognized together as North Hampton. There is also value to pooling our volunteer resources together, so a partnership makes a lot of sense either way.

What can I do to help?
The NOM program starts with getting trained. The CAO office holds regular training sessions where you can be introduced to NOM resources and what you’ll be able to do as a part of the program.

Once you are trained, there are various roles that you will be able to help our neighborhood fill:

  • Write impact statement letters that can be used in a prosecution
  • Help get signatures for letters we want to submit (at meetings, happy hours?)
  • Be a point of contact for the SLMPD or CAO
  • Be a point of contact for your neighbors
  • Use the online court tools to track cases relevant to our neighborhood
  • Coordinate related efforts like installing better alley lighting or home security cameras

I want to help out. What do I do next?
The first thing to do is attend a NOM training. The next one scheduled is Thursday October 1st, 6:30p at the Buder Library. You must RSVP if you are interested; you can do that using this online form.

Parking Technology Town Hall Meeting

The Treasurer’s office has been working towards modernizing parking operations in the city of St. Louis and now is your chance to see some of the competing vendors (& their technology) yourself. There will be a Treasurer’s Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday June 24th, 6pm at the Central Library on Olive. The vendors involved will show off the parking meters and smartphone apps that they’re offering, and talk about why their products are the best choice for our city.

Come join your neighbors at the Town Hall Meeting and help take our city’s parking tech into the next current century!


STL City Parking Trials

By now you have probably already heard that the Treasurer’s office is testing out new parking meters in the city. There are four trials, and they want you to test out the new spots and give them feedback so they can use that in their decision.

All four of the test locations allow for you to pay & renew your parking with a smartphone app, should you so choose.

The four test locations are:

  • 10th Street between Chestnut and Washington Avenue (Downtown)
  • Broadway and Pine (Downtown)
  • Maryland and Euclid (CWE)
  • Laclede and Euclid (CWE)

Once you’ve give the spots a whirl, make sure to take their survey! The feedback is the most important part.

Goodbye Casey


Casey Croy passed away on Saturday, January 26th. She was a good friend and neighbor to all of us, KHNA board member, and long-time resident of Kingshighway Hills. You would be hard pressed to find a better ambassador for our neighborhood, or more tireless advocate for the city and its residents. She will be missed.

A memorial service will be held this coming Saturday 2/2, 3pm at Mount Tabor United Church of Christ.

Victims of Violence Benefit

Three weeks ago, on Mother’s day, two friends stumbled upon a burglary in progress just outside of the SLU campus. They tried to flee when they realized what they were witnessing, but the criminals opened fire and struck 28 year old Laura. She is now fighting for her life.

KMOV has an article about this shockingly senseless act of violence:

Laura’s friends have created the Victims of Violence Benefit in her honor, and to raise awareness for other victims as well. It will be Saturday 6/2 from 12p-6p at Novak’s in the Grove. Get more details about the event and RSVP at the Facebook event page here:

One of the organizers has lived in our neighborhood and attended Kennard. She appreciates the support of anybody that can make it out Saturday.

Free Concerts Nearby

Summer Concerts: Some Are Free  The South Side is alive with the sounds of music – all those free concerts in parks!  Tower Grove Park and Francis Park offer a variety of music, so watch local media for announcements.  Here for your convenience is the schedule for free concerts in the Carondelet area, as published in “Carondeletter” of the Carondelet Community Betterment Federation, Inc.  Grab a chair or blanket, pack a cooler, and make it a free ‘n easy summer in South St. Louis!

Sundays, 6-8PM in Carondelet Park.  June 3 through August 19:  Bob Kuban Band, Deutschmeister Brass Band, Funky Butt Brass  Band, Abbey Road Warriors, Air Force Mid-America, Ragtimers, Power Play, Mystic Voyage, Farshid-World Music, Elvis-Patsy Cline-Buddy Holly, Mitzi MacDonald & Keltic Reign, Cornet Chop Suey.

Mondays, 7-9PM in South St. Louis Square Park .  June 4 through 18:  Street Wise, Patti & The Hitmen, Melissa Neels Band.

Mondays, 7-9PM in Bellerive Park: July 2 through 23 (Overlooking the Mississippi!)  The Greers, Wil Maring/Robert Bowlin, Potter’s Wheel, Chris Talley Trio.

Tuesdays, 7-9PM in Fanetti Park:  June 12 – Swing DeVille; July 10 – Gateway Jazz; July 17 – Careless;  August 14 – Raw Earth.

Friday, 7-9PM in Lions Park, August 3, The Younger Brothers.

Go to for more info and links to the bands’ web pages.   # # #


Spring Cleaning? De-cluttering?

What about those old meds?

Some old meds can simply be tossed into the regular trash. But first, read the label for instructions to the contrary, according to an “FDA Consumer Health Information/US Food & Drug Administration” bulletin. Students from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy were giving out copies in mid-April at the Siteman Cancer Center at the Barnes/Washington U. medical center.

If it is OK simply to toss an old med into the trash, safeguard pets and kids by first mixing the drug with something yucky like old coffee grounds or kitty litter. Or pack them in a leak-proof plastic zip-up bag or empty can. Recycle the pill bottle if possible.

If the bottle held a prescription drug, safeguard your privacy by soaking off the label or obliterating your info thereon.

Don’t “recycle” old prescriptions by giving them to someone else because of potentially dangerous drug interactions, allergies or other health conditions of your friend or loved-one.

Flushing meds – Rx or OTC — down the toilet can endanger our water supply. Read the drug label; some are OK to flush.

Turn ‘em in April 28, 10 AM until 2 PM at three nearby Walgreens stores: 3822 S. Kingshighway (63109), 4218 Lindell (63108) or 1530 Lafayette (63104). They are among 20 sites participating in the National Take-Back Initiative sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). DEA says that in 2007 approximately 250,000 incidents of improper medication use were reported to Poison Control Centers. The take-back initiatives are intended to reduce the dangers of accidental exposure to other people’s drugs.

More info is available at the FDA website.

Operation Brightside 2012

Don’t forget that Operation Brightside Project Blitz is this weekend for us here in Kingshighway Hills. From their website:

Project Blitz, Brightside St. Louis’ annual city-wide clean-up, will be held in April-May. Neighbors are encouraged to work together to clean up on their designated Blitz weekend. Trash and bulk items gathered during the clean-up will be collected and disposed of / or recycled the following week. Click here to learn everything you need to know about this year’s Project Blitz. After the clean up, volunteers can get flowers for planing in public spaces. Flowers are available in May.

We’re Talkin’ Trash Here – Old Phone Books

‘Tis the season when those yellow bags with new phone directories appear on porches north and south. So, now what do we do with the old phone books? Not too long ago it was nearly impossible to be a good green eco-buddy when it came to recycling phone books. But now it’s a little easier being green. (Kermit notwithstanding.)

Grab that old phonebook, bip out to the alley, find the nearest bright blue dumpster, and slamdunk those yellow pages smack into it! The City of St. Louis recently distributed a flyer, Materials Accepted For Recycling. In the category of “Papers” are 14 entries, including paperback books and telephone books – but not the plastic bags in which they were packaged. The entire front page and two-thirds of the backside of the flyer list and show examples of materials accepted for recycling in those big blue boxes in alleys. The bottom third of the backside lists materials NOT ACCEPTED for recycling.

Word-of-mouth has it that we Southsiders are very green-and-clean in our neighborhoods. So, get with the program if you’re not already recycling stuff.

For more info:
City of St. Louis
Refuse Division – Recycling Program
4100 S. 1st Street, 63118
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: 314-353-8877