2017-2018 Meeting Schedule

General Meetings
Held on Thursday nights (7PM) at Kennard CJA, 5031 Potomac
September 21 2017 – Education Theme
November 16 2017 – State Politics Theme
January 18 2018 – Neighborhood Elections
March 15 2018 – Spring Cleaning Theme

We will also have a holiday volunteer event in December at Family Forward (previously known as the Family Resource Center).

National Night Out 2017

National Night Out is this Tuesday 8/1!

What is National Night Out?
National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, better places to live.

In other words, it’s a night to get together with your neighbors and take a stand for your neighborhood. A stand against crime, a stand for your community. It’s a block party with a cause!

Join up with the block party closest to you!
Or, come join the 5000 Block of Parker at Brannon. They will be out from 6p-10p. All are welcome!

Join the NOM

Hello Neighbors,
Crime tends to be our reminder of how important it is to know, respect, and look out for our all of our neighbors. Proactively we can combat crime by getting to know one another. This can start with a simple “Hello Neighbor,” and blossom into block parties filled with you and your neighbors for the “National Night Out” every August.

In the present, we work to combat crime by being aware of our surroundings and using our gut intuition. We install bright lights, and security systems. If something seems a little “off,” it very well may be. Take note and let someone know. By doing this we are citizens taking active ownership of our neighborhoods.
By taking active ownership of our neighborhoods, we can solve and work to stop problems before they happen.
“Criminals target neighborhoods where they think they have a low risk of getting caught. Criminals know the neighborhoods that are more likely to tolerate bad behavior and they plan and act accordingly. Neighborhoods that do not have involved citizens are an easy target for criminal activity.”
Now that we recognize a problem, we work towards the solution. Luckily, for us, Citizens of St. Louis, have already put together a guide for Neighborhood Ownership. This is called the “Neighborhood Ownership Model,” often referred to as the “NOM.” Kinghshighway Hills does have a NOM in place! We are partnered with the Tilles Park Neighborhood Association, under the official neighborhood name of “NorthHampton or (NOHA).”
While the NOM for our neighborhood has been established, we very much need you, our citizens, our neighbors, our residents of Kingshighway Hills, to play an active role in taking ownership of your neighborhood.
Please follow the link provided to learn more about what you can do to help keep our neighborhood(s) safe.

The next Court Advocacy Training meeting will be held on Thursday, June 15th at 6:30 p.m. at Buder Library (4401 Hampton). This is right in our own back yard so if you were unable to make a previous training date, now is your chance!

Neighborhood Ownership Model Signup Link

And remember…
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.

General Meeting 3/16/2017

Our fourth KHNA General meeting of the season is this week, 7p Thursday 3/16 at the Kennard CJA. It’s your chance to find out what’s happening in Kingshighway Hills.

Confirmed speakers include:
Alderman Joe Vollmer, Ward 10
Alderman Joe Vaccaro, Ward 23
Meghan Robinson, Family Resource Center
Representative from SCSTL Ownership Group

Mark Washington-McLean (Ward 10 NIS) will also be attending & available to take reports from neighbors, but will not be speaking.

The meeting agenda is available for download here.

March 2017 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available for download here. It’s the 4th edition for the 2016-17 year.

Neighborhood Open House at Gateway Science Academy

Join us for a Neighborhood Open House at Gateway Science Academy (GSA). It will be a great opportunity take a tour, ask questions, find out what they have been up to, and how we in the neighborhood can work together with them.

The open house will be 7PM Thursday February 2nd at GSA on Fyler. Enter on the East side of the building, by the flagpole. Download the Open House Flyer for more info.

January 2017 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available for download here. It’s the 3rd edition for the 2016-17 year.

General Meeting 1/19/2017

Our second KHNA General meeting of the season is next week, 7p Thursday 1/17 at the Kennard CJA. It’s your chance to talk to your Alderman, Police, and Neighbors, and just generally find out what’s happening in Kingshighway Hills.

Neighborhood Safety Workshop

**The Safety Workshop is canceled due to IcePocalypse 2017. Will be rescheduled.**

There will be a Neighborhood Safety Workshop on Saturday January 14th at DuBourg High School. All are welcome (and encouraged) to attend. Click on the flyer below for more info.

Safety Workshop Flyer

2016 Holiday Event at FRC

KHNA is very excited to again have their Holiday event at the Family Resource Center (FRC). Our event will be Thursday December 8th at 6pm, at the FRC located at Fyler & Kingshighway. We’ll wrap gifts for the kids, help decorate their facility, and have some light snacks.

What can you bring to donate to the cause?
Feel free to bring a NEW gift that can be wrapped and given to the kids they support. They especially need books for teens, or baby board books, since they run out of those first. Stuffed animals are great too. They also need wrapping paper and gift wrapping supplies. They go through a lot of it!

Want to know more about the FRC?
Their mission is to give kids a chance at a better life by preventing and treating all forms of child abuse and neglect by strengthening families through family-centered therapeutic, educational, and support services. Visit their website for more info.