Summer Crime on Fyler

KHNA has gotten word that there has been an increase lately in alley crime on Fyler. Items were stolen out of a car while the owner was unloading, a garage had some items taken, and a car was broken into.

Remember that as the weather gets warmer, many of our alleys experience an increase in petty theft and car break-ins. These are often crimes of opportunity, so make sure you take steps to protect yourself and your belongings.

1. Thieves know you don’t expect things to walk off from your garage when you’re home, or even our working in the yard. Close and lock your garage to make sure the lawnmower and other tools stay put.
2. Don’t leave your car open when making trips inside to unload.
3. Get to know your neighbors. The more people you meet around you, the more likely you are to notice somebody in the alley who probably shouldn’t be there.

More crime prevention tips from the SLMPD:

Report suspicious activity by calling the SLMPD at 314-231-1212 (dial 911 if it’s an emergency). We will also post crime alerts on the KHNA site if you report them to us using the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

KHNA reached out to the SLMPD for burglary prevention info and was provided a list of tips we could share with our residents. You can view the list here: BurglarPreventionTips.pdf

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