We’re Talkin’ Trash Here – Old Phone Books

‘Tis the season when those yellow bags with new phone directories appear on porches north and south. So, now what do we do with the old phone books? Not too long ago it was nearly impossible to be a good green eco-buddy when it came to recycling phone books. But now it’s a little easier being green. (Kermit notwithstanding.)

Grab that old phonebook, bip out to the alley, find the nearest bright blue dumpster, and slamdunk those yellow pages smack into it! The City of St. Louis recently distributed a flyer, Materials Accepted For Recycling. In the category of “Papers” are 14 entries, including paperback books and telephone books – but not the plastic bags in which they were packaged. The entire front page and two-thirds of the backside of the flyer list and show examples of materials accepted for recycling in those big blue boxes in alleys. The bottom third of the backside lists materials NOT ACCEPTED for recycling.

Word-of-mouth has it that we Southsiders are very green-and-clean in our neighborhoods. So, get with the program if you’re not already recycling stuff.

For more info:
City of St. Louis
Refuse Division – Recycling Program
4100 S. 1st Street, 63118
Web: http://stlouis-mo.gov/recycle
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: 314-353-8877

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