March 2019 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available for download here. It’s the 4th edition for the 2018-19 year.

2 responses to “March 2019 Newsletter

  1. When are we having a Kingshighway Hills Association Meeting???????

  2. It was an awesome meeting. Fabulous turnout by our neighborhood. To correct something I previously posted our board serves us very well indeed. It was as good of a turnout as I’ve seen over the decades. Megan, Jacob and the rest are really fabulous folks working hard for us on their spare time and brought together our Aldermen Vollmer & Vaccarro, STLMPD Officer Stehlin with our crime stats and updates, and our new captain of the Second District PD Captain Martz. After taking care of this business the focus was put on the combining of KHNA with Tilles Park NA which would be greatly advantageous to both orgs. We double our territory, help take responsibility for that gem of a park most of us use and become a major player in the City’s neighborhoods. The City already recognizes us as one neighborhood North Hampton, it’s high time we do the same. And our meeting brought some really great and hard working Tilles neighbors like their prez Greg Meyers & Patrick who are some incredibly hard working wonderful folks.
    I personally invited @ 3 dozen neighbors & property owners, landlords and only 1 I saw came so I got a taste of how hard it is to get these get togethers together. And folks this is an awesome perk of the neighborhood, face time with our officials, face time with our diverse community where everyone can express their concerns and just plain out meeting and conversing with our neighbors.
    And now we KHWY Hill Billies can officially say we are residents of The Hamptons!

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