KHNA Mailing List

We’re using a new mail service called MailChimp to help us better reach you with news about your neighborhood. And we’re pretty excited about it, too.

Q: Why did you switch to MailChimp?
A: MailChimp is free to us as a small community organization, and it offers stronger privacy protections to you compared to if one of our board members sent out emails from their personal email account. Did we mention that it was free?

Q: Stronger privacy protections are good. Is that the only reason you switched?
A: No, we also liked the self-service options that MailChimp offers. This means that you can sign up for the list by clicking a link on our website, or remove yourself by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all of the emails. This gives you and our other neighbors more control over your membership to this email list.

Q: What sort of information will you be sending on this email list?
A: We will use this list to send out our KHNA newsletter, and also to make special announcements (usually regarding an upcoming event, like a block party).

Q: How often will you email me?
A. Expect an average of one email per month. If it’s a month where we don’t publish a newsletter or have an event scheduled, you won’t hear from us at all. As a rule, we will never exceed two emails to you in any single month.

Have you signed up yet?? If not, do so here. You don’t want to miss the next event!

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