How Americans Learn About Local Community

Local Newspaper 25%
Internet 17%
Local TV 13%
Word of mouth 06%
Radio 05%
Print bulletin 04%
Mobile phone <2% Other sources 08% Source: Pew Research Center. Local News Survey 2011. Conducted January 12-15 2011 by Pew’s Internet & American Life Project, Project for Excellence in Journalism, and the John S. & James L. Knight Foundation. Survey included 2,251 U.S. adults (18 years and older), including 750 cell phone interviews (in English and in Spanish).

“Old-fashioned word of mouth is still a factor in sharing local news and information, especially at the neighborhood level for information about local businesses, restaurants and schools,” Pew reported. “In all 55% of all adults get local news and information via word of mouth at least once a week. Word of mouth is particularly likely to be cited by younger residents as one of their top platforms for community events. Adults age 40 and older are more likely to prefer word of mouth as a source for local politics, local government activity, housing and real estate, zoning, and social services.”

So come to your hub of “Word of Mouth” info – KHNA meetings! Hear from and talk to our Police and elected officials and your neighbors.

What People Look For
Weather 89%
Breaking News 80%
Politics 67%
Crime 66%
Arts/Culture events 60%
Local Business 60%
Schools/Education 58%
Community events 57%
Restaurants, Bars 55%
Traffic/Transportation 47%
Tax issues 47%
Housing/Real Estate 43%
Government activity 42%
Job openings 39%
Social Services 35%
Zoning/Development 30%

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