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KHNA Mailing List

We’re using a new mail service called MailChimp to help us better reach you with news about your neighborhood. And we’re pretty excited about it, too.

Q: Why did you switch to MailChimp?
A: MailChimp is free to us as a small community organization, and it offers stronger privacy protections to you compared to if one of our board members sent out emails from their personal email account. Did we mention that it was free?

Q: Stronger privacy protections are good. Is that the only reason you switched?
A: No, we also liked the self-service options that MailChimp offers. This means that you can sign up for the list by clicking a link on our website, or remove yourself by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all of the emails. This gives you and our other neighbors more control over your membership to this email list.

Q: What sort of information will you be sending on this email list?
A: We will use this list to send out our KHNA newsletter, and also to make special announcements (usually regarding an upcoming event, like a block party).

Q: How often will you email me?
A. Expect an average of one email per month. If it’s a month where we don’t publish a newsletter or have an event scheduled, you won’t hear from us at all. As a rule, we will never exceed two emails to you in any single month.

Have you signed up yet?? If not, do so here. You don’t want to miss the next event!

South City 5K’s in September

Flock of Seagulls was wrong. You don’t have to run, run so far away. There are two great races coming up next month, right in our backyard:

2nd Annual 5K to SJA
September 9
Run from Tilles Park to St. Joan of Arc.
5K Run/Walk and Kid’s Fun Run.
Run/Walk starts at 11:30am, Kid’s at 12:30pm.

Run for the Hills
September 15
Sponsored by the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association
5K Run, 1mi Walk, and Youth Run.
Run starts at 8am, Walk at 8:45am.

As always, if you need a new pair of kicks for the race you should go visit South City owned Big River Running on Macklind.

Lindenwood Block Party on Saturday

The 5200/5300 block of Lindenwood will be having a block party this Saturday August 18th from noon to 7pm. The street will be blocked off to all traffic except for the fire engines that will be paying them a visit. Bring a dish to side dish or dessert to share; it’s a great way to meet your neighbors!

Missouri Primary Election August 7

The Missouri Primary Election is this Tuesday, August 7. St. Louisans will go to the polls to help narrow down the field of candidates for many offices, including U.S. House and Senate, State Governor and Treasurer, and City Treasurer. Constitutional Amendment 2 will also be on the ballot

The Beacon has a nice breakdown of the candidates running for each office. Fox 2 News has a page listing the websites for each candidate and the Post-Dispatch has an article focusing on just the statewide races.

Here in Kingshighway Hills we’re in the MO House District 067, MO Senate District 04, and US House District 01 (formerly US House District 03, before redistricting).

Most of us will have the Kennard School as our polling place. You can verify your polling place using the STL City Address & Property Search tool. All polling places in the city will be open from 6a-7p.

Please come out and vote on Tuesday! It is your privilege and civic duty.

Kingshighway Viaduct Public Hearing

Your chance for a say-so on Kingshighway Viaduct replacement

The City of St. Louis will conduct a public hearing on the demolition and replacement of the Kingshighway Viaduct that stretches from Southwest/Vandeventer to Shaw. The new viaduct will feature three traffic lanes in each direction, sidewalks, concrete railings, lighting, etc.  The work will necessitate a lengthy closure of Kingshighway. The completed project will eliminate under-bridge access to sidestreets.

The public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, May 2 at 4:00 PM in Room 208 of City Hall (Tucker at Market). There you will be able to see maps, plats, environmental documentation, to learn about schedules, and to discuss the design’s impact on community socioeconomic conditions and goals

For more info contact Richard Stockmann, 314-589-6606.

This information was published in a classified ad in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (page C-7) on Monday 16 April by the City of St. Louis, Joseph K. Kuss, P.E., Deputy City Engineer, Board of Public Service.  The office of the President of the  Board of Public Service is in City Hall, Room 301, according to the ad.

Ask and you shall receive

KHNA Board member Loyce Voigt noticed a lot of trash in and around the alley dumpsters due to someone moving in/out. She called 10th Ward Alderman Joe Vollmer to report the problem. Two hours later a city truck was in the alley removing the trash. Then the phone rang, and it was Alderman Joe: “Was that fast enough for you, Loyce?”

Seeing blue in the alley?

By now you should have noticed the blue single stream recycling bins. Evidently the plan is now one pick up per week from trash bins and one from recyclables. That means we should make an extra effort to recycle, or the “regular” trash bins will be overflowing.