2016 Holiday Event at FRC

KHNA is very excited to again have their Holiday event at the Family Resource Center (FRC). Our event will be Thursday December 8th at 6pm, at the FRC located at Fyler & Kingshighway. We’ll wrap gifts for the kids, help decorate their facility, and have some light snacks.

What can you bring to donate to the cause?
Feel free to bring a NEW gift that can be wrapped and given to the kids they support. They especially need books for teens, or baby board books, since they run out of those first. Stuffed animals are great too. They also need wrapping paper and gift wrapping supplies. They go through a lot of it!

Want to know more about the FRC?
Their mission is to give kids a chance at a better life by preventing and treating all forms of child abuse and neglect by strengthening families through family-centered therapeutic, educational, and support services. Visit their website for more info.

November 2016 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available for download here. It’s the 2nd edition for the 2016-17 year.

General Meeting 11/17/2016

Our second KHNA General meeting of the season is this week, 7p Thursday 11/17 at the Kennard CJA. It’s your chance to talk to your Alderman, Police, and Neighbors, and just generally find out what’s happening in Kingshighway Hills.


The fine folks at STL TV are doing a series on City Neighborhoods. The latest installment featured Brendan and Megan from the KHNA Board.

Check the interviews out here:
KHNA Interview Part 1
KHNA Interview Part 2

You can catch STL TV on Charter channel 992, AT&T UVerse channel 99, or on their YouTube channel.

September 2016 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available for download here. It’s the 1st edition for the 2016-17 year.

2016-2017 Meeting Schedule

General Meetings
Held on Thursday nights (7PM) at Kennard CJA, 5031 Potomac
September 15 2016
November 17 2016
January 19 2017
March 16 2017

We will also have our holiday volunteer event at the Family Resource Center (FRC) on December 8 2015.

Join the NOHA NOM

There have been lots of social media posts recently about crime in our neighborhood. I’m not sure if we’re seeing a spike in actual crime, or if the crime reporting tools are getting better so we’re all just becoming better informed, but in any case there is something you can do about it.

North Hampton* participates in the Circuit Attorney’s Neighborhood Ownership Model (NOM) program. At least on paper, we do. In reality we struggle to find committed volunteers – especially those that would be willing to take on any leadership or organizational roles. We have a police officer assigned to our neighborhood who tracks crime for us, and is a resource we can reach to if we have concerns. We are at risk of losing him as a resource because the participation in the NOHA NOM has been so low.

The NOM is a program that at a minimum, tracks court cases for crimes in our neighborhood and lets us write an “impact statement” that is used with bail hearings or sentencing. It can be much more than that, though. We can make it into whatever we need it to be – but we have to have volunteers to get there.

You can sign up here to get on the email list, and take on a role that needs to be filled. We need your help.

*North Hampton is the Tilles Park and Kingshighway Hills neighborhoods. We’re in this together.